History of Epsilon-Iota

Kappa Lambda

The Kappa Lambda Fraternity was founded at the University of Nevada (Reno) on October 1, 1921 by a group of 14 students who felt the Greek system at the University was lacking. The founding members were Lincoln Hall residents who eventually took over residence in that building for a short period of time.

The Fraternity then grew out of Lincoln Hall and purchased two houses on University Terrace in Reno in the summer of 1923. The current Chapter House at 255 University Terrace sits on the land occupied by the original House, which was torn down in 1954 and rebuilt. The pledge house at 245 University Terrace still remains in its original condition and is currently occupied by the local chapter of the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity.

From 1921 to 1927, Kappa Lambda excelled scholastically. It had the best grade point average of all fraternities at the University in 1921, 1922, 1924, 1925 and 1927. Over that time, Kappa Lambda also broadened its exposure on campus with members active in the student body, athletics and membership in a variety of campus organizations.

In 1928, Kappa Lambda formally submitted a petition for charter to the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. The petition included letters of recommendation from a variety of sources including: rival fraternities on the Reno campus; a number of established Lambda Chi Chapters/Zetas in the western U.S.; Deans of University of Nevada colleges; President Walter Clark of the University of Nevada; and the editor of the Nevada State Journal. Each urged the approval of Kappa Lambda to affiliate with the National Fraternity. As a result, Kappa Lambda became the 33rd Chapter/Zeta (Epslon-Iota) of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity on March 29, 1929.

Epsilon-Iota Zeta

Epsilon-Iota consistently ranks as among the top fraternities in the Greek system at the University of Nevada, Reno both in scholastic achievement and in intramural athletics, and remains an active community partner through a number of philanthropic efforts. Alumni include prominent civic, business and government leaders, a number of whom have been inducted in the Epsilon-Iota Legacy Center.

1955-56 Reconstruction

After years of wear and tear had run down the house, compounded by a need to accommodate more live-in members, the original House was torn down in 1954 to make way for a two-story, 6,500 square-foot house which was built by Rodney Boudwin (EI 224) and Mel Hancock (EI 18) and completed in 1956.

The new house featured abundant facilities including eight bedrooms to accommodate up to 30 live-in members, three bathrooms, a commercial-grade kitchen, a spacious living room and dining room, and a dedicated Chapter Room. The crowing touch on the exterior was the 850 square-foot, open-air balcony, the "moon-lit veranda" we still enjoy today.

An extensive fundraising drive was conducted by Dick Rowley (EI 309) and Mark Yori (EI 98), while Bill Parrish (EI 246) oversaw the demolition of the former structure. Bros. Boudwin and Hancock combined efforts with Allan Ramsey (EI 423) to handle the technical aspects of the new House, providing specifications and drafting plans.

2003 Restoration

One of Epsilon-Iota's finest accomplishments in recent years, and perhaps the greatest demonstration of the Fraternity's principles and ideals across the Zeta, was the extensive Chapter House Restoration Project completed in 2003. As with the 1955-56 Reconstruction, the existing house was outdated and in disrepair.

Beginning in 1998, under the leadership of DeArmond Sharp (EI 502), a core group of about 40 Epsilon-Iota Alumni came together for the purpose of helping the Chapter House owner, Kappa Lambda, Inc. (aka the House Corporation), restore the local Chapter House and provide current and future undergraduate members with exceptional housing.

The men of this core group, representing standing and ad hoc committees of the House Corporation and the Kappa Lambda Educational Foundation, worked tirelessly over a five-year period (1998-2003) to save the House, using its existing footprint. Some Alumni volunteered their services for key projects, including draft engineering and architectural plans. Others volunteered to oversee the work of the contractor hired to do the construction work. Many were involved in fundraising efforts, and a select few stepped forward to arrange the financing that made the restoration possible.

During the restoration, Active members were displaced for an entire school year in order to make significant cosmetic and structural improvements to each room of the House, which now contains 13 bedrooms to accommodate 25 members, four bathrooms and a new kitchen. The House is also wired for the latest technology.

Despite all the hard work and time spent in the pursuit of accomplishing this impressive feat, none of this would have happened without the support and contributions from Epsilon-Iota Alumni.

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Donations in Kind

Butch Anderson (EI 893)
Larry Burton (EI 765)
Roy Bordenkircher (EI 777)
Mike Cecchi (EI 816)
George Del Carlo (EI 754)
Allen Forbes (EI 872)
Todd Galati (EI 1028)
Paul Gordon (EI 1055)
Jason Gilles (EI 1186)

Gary Granata (EI 708)
Mike Hall (EI 1020)
Thomas Hultin (EI 1000)
John Landa (EI 694)
Lee Murray (EI 1039)
Scott Schoenfeld (EI 985)
KC Wuelfing (EI 1140)
McGinley Construction Co.

Epsilon-Iota Legacy Center

Our Zeta's most distinguished Alumni have been enshrined in the Epsilon-Iota Legacy Center as a testament to their service to the Epsilon-Iota Zeta and the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, as well as their respective community and/or profession.

History of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

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